GDPR have changed everything

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a binding regulation created by the European Commission. The regulation is replacing current European Union data protection directives and national laws.

Storyline is always ready to implement the new legal provisions that directly or indirectly affect the technological world. The latter runs faster and faster and to ensure perfect compliance with regulatory requirements and to keep your business competitive and safe, you need to rely on the best.

Precisely for this reason we combine legal and IT skills in order to protect our customers with the GDPR regulation, both in a preventive and remedial way.

This law allows companies to renew and manage the flow of data (often the company’s core business) in a conscious and profitable way, staying safe from fines and bad people.

Compliancy can be seen as a challenge for organizations, but forward thinking organizations can also handle this as opportunity to gain competitive advantages by streamlining end-to-end processes and by applying a holistic view on information governance.

Today we are at the side of many companies, both for spot and recurring interventions. Get in touch with us and describe your needs.