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Storyline is the first Italian consulting company specialized in vertical IT security and cyber risk management. Born to protect the interests of multinational corporations, leaders in their respective sectors, but often fragile from the point of view of the cybersecurity structure, Storyline characterizes itself for an interdisciplinary and effective approach: the team of consultants is made up of security experts, lawyers and technologists in order to provide all the necessary skills to deal with the current IT risks that every company must face.

Focused on the continuous research for a ready-to-go technological response, Storyline offers the customer tailor-made solutions in the GRC Information Technology area (i.e. Governance, Risk Management and Compliance), with state-of-the-art equipment and international procedures, aimed at a double and fundamental objective: company safety and development.

Our clients portfolio shows our hard work and dedication: more than  60 CLIENTS chose Storyline for its qualifications.



We think that quality is the best business card and the most effective way of showing our dedication to our work.



Our code of conduct adheres our values of citinzenship and professionalism.



Storyline strives for continue innovation and formation: our consultants are dedicated lifelong learners.


Human and accessible

We do care for customer relationship: we listen, we respond, we build trust.

Among our clients


Custom design for your needs

Our professional services can be assembled together to obtain the precise answer to your needs.


The leading technological pole in Italy

Lumen: enlight ideas

2000 Square Meters dedicated to High Tech R&D, aimed to offer Cutting-edge solutions As A Service.

Starting from June 2019 Storyline is honored to be part of the Lumen holding group within the technological hub of the same name: one of the largest and most advanced development centers in Italy.

Within this it offers its performance alongside Upgrade, system integrator active for over twenty years and Scenario, whose main service is to offer advanced augmented reality scenarios aimed at training. A real ship’s bridge was rebuilt inside the technological pole to train the cadets for the most complex maneuvers in all the ports of the world and much more.

The benefits of contamination are immediately perceptible: from ideas to projects, passing through the different needs of customers. Teamwork allows us to create the most complete and innovative services ever.




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